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Kenzo, Hamza Ssebunya hug, dance together

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer

Singer Eddy Kenzo and his nemesis Dr. Hamza Ssebunya continue to baffle social media in-laws who want them to be sworn enemies.

On Saturday, the two hugged and danced together at a function where Hamza was a chief guest and Kenzo a performer. Buoyed by Kwagalana chairman Godfrey kirumira, the two danced to Kenzo’s song “Tweyagale”

Dr. Hamza Ssebunya is married to Kenzo’s ex Rema Namakula. They both have children with the singer but their recent public display of affection indicates there is no beef.

In a brief interview after the incident, Kenzo said that the world needs positive energy going forward and there is no need to beef. Last month, Kenzo and Hamza were pictured hanging out together. Rema is yet to publicly comment on the reunion.

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