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Kenzo earns ‘Tupaate’ remix a cold reception

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
Following the sudden late success of singer Pia Pounds’ Twenda Tupaate song courtesy of MC Africa, BET award winner, singer Eddy Kenzo offered his mentee, Pounds some help remixing the now trending hit song. However, the kind of reaction it has received online from many that have listened to the audio or watched the video, released this week show that it was either unnecessary or rushed. 
A large section of the criticism was thrown at Kenzo who is one third of the acts in the song, the others being the original singer Pia Pounds and MC Africa who is responsible for the song’s new status. 
First, Kenzo’s opening verse was largely disparaged with claims that it is shallow. Secondly, they branded him an opportunist because he signed Pia Pounds in 2018 under his Big Talent music camp – though he claimed in May that he did not – and never considered working with her until she blew up by luck after leaving for Africa Bureau of Music label.
Twende Tupaate was released 11 months ago and struggled as an average song across the board with modest views and airplay until a clip of the then unknown MC Africa vibing to it off a dry cell radio went viral, instantly turning it into a party anthem in late July. As of August 1, 2020, it was the most played song in Uganda on Apple Music. 

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