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Kenzo asks fans to intercede for him when he dies

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By Hussein Kiganda

It’s rare for celebrities in their prime to think of death. Many are more concerned about accumulating wealth and breaking records than the after-life. Not for singer Eddy Kenzo (real name Edriisa Musuuza).

He believes death should be on everyone’s mind, and prayers at the forefront.

In a social media post on Wednesday, August 3, the Weekend hitmaker prayed to Allah that when he dies, people should pray for him so that he is pardoned of his sins and life in the labour (grave) is made easy for him.

 “Oh God, when my bones are lying beneath the soil, when I am long forgotten, grant me people who will make dua for me endlessly,” he posted.

In response, some of his fans promised to pray for him, while others reminded him of raising religious children who will be of help to him.

“Your kids have to pray for you first. Now the question is, have you raised them in the line of deen or you want your relatives to always disturb sheikhs to pray for you?” Hamidu Kamanzi wrote.

“This is so deep, Eddy. I pray endless life for you always, dear. Even if death is a must for everyone, may the Almighty protect you forever and ever because you mean a lot to us,” Alysa Nantay said.

Some people urged Kenzo to start praying for others in order to receive the same blessing.

“Are you making dua for others endlessly coz we get what we do onto others?” Fatuma Nannyondo commented.

Kenzo released his latest song dubbed Follow a week ago and in this, he advocates for a prayerful wife.

In one of the verses, he says, “Every man looks for a prayerful wife. A wife who prays for blessings to her home.”

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