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Kenyans mock Uganda following Pallaso’s fundraiser

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda
Kenyans on social media are throwing scornful comments at the Ugandan music industry after Pallaso begged his fans to raise Sh100m to rescue his impounded Range Rover at Uganda Revenue Authority(URA) offices.
A number of them have been wondering whether the Ugandan industry is not benefiting since big guns are mergers. He compared the two industries and said none of their(Kenyan) artists would beg for such an amount of money.
@mimihasola wrote: “Seems the music industry in Uganda is not paying. Seen an A-lister begging for money to get his impounded car. The amount in question is a mere UGx 100m. Approximately Ksh. 3m. Show moja ya Sauti Sol. I have never seen any of our artists stoop so low.”
@Benjaben replied: “Dear mini, data musician you refer to ain’t an A-lister…he thinks he is but he ain’t according to Ugandans.”
Ugandans we’re quick to step in and save the nation, saying that Pallaso is to a big gun in the industry but a mere brother to a big gun.
Esther Mirembe wrote: “First of all…he ain’t an A-lister. He just happens to be a brother to a known artist. You don’t expect us to step up for “C- lister”…do you?”
Several Ugandans felt embarrassed by this. Many tried to defend the Ugandan industry by disowning Pallaso but this was not a good move.
“Eehhh, our embarrassment has even crossed borders now? God should have mercy on us,” Eric Abima wrote with crying emojis.
Pallaso’s “malamu” and several other songs pushed him above the ladders but this has dropped him below the ranks. Prior to this, his brother, Chamili had knelt down before a well-wisher after receiving a Range Rover.

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