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Kenyans claim Zari’s luxury fleet is worth sh1.8billion

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

South Africa based Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan’s fleet of luxury cars has wowed Kenyans that have since valued it at sh1.8 billion (Ksh60million).
With her late husband, Ivan Ssemwanga’s Brooklyn City College in South Africa under her management, a few businesses, and endorsement deals, she indeed travels in luxury.
But what is in her fleet?
Well, over the years, Zari has flaunted a number of luxury cars, some prominently and consistently featuring on her socials, with luxury number plates especially on Instagram where she is followed by over 11 million accounts.

According to our neighbours to the East, the mother of five’s Black Range Rover that should be one of her favourites going by the rate it appears on her socials, is worth sh458m million (Ksh15million)

The Bentley that she acquired in 2020 during Covid-19 lockdown they have argued is her most prized car and put the price at sh610 million (Ksh20million).

A collage of Zari’s cars that have generated debate in neighboring Kenya. File Photo

And as a fun of luxury cars, she has two Mercedes vehicles, one a Brabus, built like a G-Wagon with a customized South African plate of her name. They put it at sh518 million (Ksh17million) before taxes.

A Chrysler also with customized Ugandan plates with her name on them that they put at sh150 million.  And lastly a Mercedes G-class, convertible with customized Ugandan plates sporting her name and the number 2 that they avoided giving a price tag.

As a socialite, Zari has flaunted her lifestyle on social media for years right from the labels she wears, luxury cars she drives, products she endorses, and reality shows she features on. As much as there are inconsistencies with the prices the Kenyans her luxury cars, one can argue they are not far from the truth.  

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