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Keko looks worse-for-wear in fresh online video

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By Alex Balimwikungu

She famously refused to go to rehab here when she was reportedly doing drugs but it looks like rapper Jocelyn Tracey Keko would do with a few day’s rest.

Ever since she immigrated to Canada five years ago, little was heard from her musically.  However on Monday night, the only thing that reminded us she was a musician was a guitar in the background as she did an Instagram video.

Fans first assumed Keko, dressed in a grey hoodie, had suffered a make-up malfunction. It wasn’t the case.  Facing into the camera, she unapologetically, exposed her ashen face, sipped on a liquid and proudly smoked what seemed to be a blunt.

Something about her demeanor suggested she had binged on some strong cocktail.  With dilated pupils, she mumbled incoherent words and then stuck out her middle finger!

Close pals reveal that her sojourn to Canada was first optimistic and they cannot believe she was doing that bad. Many were heart broken and called out for anyone who can help  her.

“That Ig video of keko i just watched literally just broke my heart. I loved her Art, love her personality, and wish her nothing but the best. #whatwentwrong? we fix it? Does she want it fixed though?” provocative Ugandan TV personality Tina Fierce tweeted.

“Keko live on Instagram is so heartbreaking. We need to have more candid conversations on life, drug abuse, and depression Loudly,” Next Radio’s Posha Aloyo said.

“Somebody needs to help KEKO!! If you go on Instagram and watch her LIVE video, you will stay away from drugs!!” Sheilla Gashumba Tweeted.

Others called on fellow rappers to get to her: “  If you was a huge fan of  Keko I swear you wouldn’t have wished to see her Like this t Her Situation Is really Heartbreaking  @naviomusic @St_Nellysade @therealGnlzamb  do reach out to her Bambi ?” a one Bex tweeted.

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