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Keeping up with the real, wannabe Range Rover girls

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By Ranell Dickson Nsereko

On Tuesday, November 8, the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, celebrated her husband, Budiope East MP Moses Magogo’s birthday in mega style.

She gifted Magogo, who also happens to be the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) president, a black Ranger Rover Vogue at the FUFA offices, which was delivered by his colleagues from Parliament.

In a circulating video with pictures on different social media platforms, Magogo is seen grinning ear to ear over his gift.

The unique thing about this birthday gift to hubby was that it didn’t have a red ribbon wrapped around it like other lovers have done in the past. 

In the annals of gifting lovers, the Speaker set the bar high. Even her detractors agree that she has class.

Her move led to the creation of several memes, with men wishing they had a woman like Among because slay queens are notorious for wanting to be on the receiving end of gifts of that magnitude.

If you have been around hot babes that love class and glamour, you will realise that the Range Rover is their preferred mode of transportation in which they want to be picked and dropped off.

The beauty about this ride is its blend of luxury and power that’s not found in other cars. While one is behind the wheel, all eyes and attention is on to them.

Ask XFM’s Denzel.

Ever since he acquired the monster machine, he doesn’t need to speak like a poor man’s version of Chris Brown to get the ladies gawking.

Even for the female celebrities, they know the Range Rover has the pulling power.  It is the machine making statements.  

Besides Magogo, there are other celebrities that have been received these monster rides on their birthdays.

Hellen Lukoma

On Valentine’s Day, musician and actress Hellen Lukoma was gifted a new black Range Rover by her husband Anwar Kaka.

She made the most of it and threw shade at those who questioned her music career, saying not everyone can fuel or drive a Range Rover in town.

The car was gifted to her during a small friends-only party and she received the car keys and number plate from her husband, who matched her outfit amid cheers from her slay queen friends.

Martha Kay aka Range Rover Girl

Martha K

Martha Kay got her breakthrough several years ago when she posted a video about an accident involving a Range Rover and how she loves the car very much. The video went viral on different social media platforms, earning her the name Range Rover Girl.

Early this year, her forever dream of owning the beast came true. She now owns a range rover of the UBH series.

“Can’t believe you’re here” Martha Kay captioned the pictures on her Instagram of the Range Rover.

According to her close sources, the photographer, social media comedian turned media personality got the ride as a birthday gift from her boyfriend who lives out of the country.

It turns out she was just ‘influencing’.

Pia Pounds

Two days ago, musician and fashionista Pia Pounds shared a video of herself cruising a brand new Range Rover.

Known for her hit song Tupaate, Pia seemed to be happy and excited about her new age and move. However, she didn’t mention anywhere that the vehicle was one of her birthday gifts.

Well, the customised number plate with the name Pia Pounds was just a sticker, something that attracted a couple of comments from her followers.

Spice Diana

Hajara Namukwaya aka Spice Diana started off this year with new wheels.

She got a Range Rover Vogue that bears dates of her concert as the number plate. She had previously done lots of tours both locally and internationally and close friends say she got the car from her management.

Spice Diana is managed by Roger Lubega who is said to have bottomless pockets.

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