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Keep each other’s secrets, Sheikh tells Kulthum & Acram

by Editorial Team
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By Joan Murungi

During the Nikkah (Islamic wedding) of Dr. Kulthum Nabunya and businessman Acram Gumisiriza on December 18, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Sserunjogi’s key message was that the couple should learn how to keep each other’s secrets.

He revealed that what people do not know, they cannot ruin.

“Among the people at this Nikkah are your parents. Use them as a centre of advice when things go wrong. Don’t give other people a chance to start questioning this and that about your marriage,” Sserunjogi said.

He went ahead and told the newlyweds to turn a deaf ear to TV presenters that keep talking about them.

“Most of those TV gossip queens and presenters that make a lot of noise about people’s marriages have failed marriages. Once you get married, give no room for divorce. Remember to keep the secrets to yourselves and that is how you will win.” Sserunjogi revealed.

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