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Katsha De’bank blesses fans on Christmas Day

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer

Shafique Katumba better known as Katsha De’bank has lived up to the last moniker in his name. He has turned into a mobile bank and has used the festive season to dole money to his fans.

In a year where there was no Ba-summer invasion in Kampala, the thriving South African based Ugandan under his Katsha Group flagship, chose that approach which won him plaudits.

He wired out money in denominations of sh20, 000, sh30, 000 and sh50, 000 to hundreds of fans who simply logged on to his page and commented with their mobile phone numbers.

Katsha revealed that whereas some Ba-summer used the fact that there were no parties to hide from fans, he chose to do the opposite.  “You can impact your fans even without being in their presence.  That is what I chose.  Covid-19 times have been hard but I have been blessed to have something to share,” he said.   He was coy on revealing the money he shared.

Katsha was Santa Claus at Christmas for some of his fans in Kampala (photo: courtesy)

Katsha De’bank recently shared his journey to the top that probably no one knew about. Before the expensive cars (Ferraris, Lamboghinis etc) and luxurious life, Katsha was a broke man. He was a high school dropout and didn’t have self-esteem.

“I was broke. Deep in debt and a college dropout, NOT EVEN a college Dropout, I was a high school Dropout. Trust me, no one believed in me. Not even my Self,” he revealed.

But all that disappeared when he started his own business. A business that now employs University graduates. “I only tasted SUCCESS after Launching my one-man Tech Company “Katsche Technology Group” and now it employs more than 200 people. I didn’t go to Makerere University, but most of my workers went to Makerere University. Success is Just an ‘Art’.

The Katsche Technology Group has not only revolutionized the IT sector in South Africa but also created huge impacts on Information Communication Technology for efficient usage of resources across the region.

Besides, the IT Company has not merely reformulated the number of business ideas and principles which were predominant in the business sector for generations but it has altogether changed traditions and business principles.

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