Friday, December 1, 2023
Home Lifestyle Katikiro disappointed, says Kwanjula ceremonies have become concerts

By Ahmad Muto
The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, has expressed disappointment with the way Kwanjula ceremonies are being organised these days with all the unnecessary pomp, altering the mechanics of what used to be a subject of admiration.
He pointed out money, vulgar dances and songs plus displays of extravagance while the important details are being ignored. He particularly accused the subjects to turning kwanjula ceremonies into contests of displays of wealth, others borrowing logistics to make a statement and return to the shops later.
He said the important details have been ignored and new unnecessary ones introduced.
Kwanjulas have become concerts for dances. That would have been okay, but vulgar ones. And people openly make vulgar statements. And creating contests when giving gifts. They even lie to in-laws, borrow from shops and return the next day,” he said.
He added that men try so hard to please the bride’s family by splashing new bank notes that end up getting blown by the wind. Their entourage also indulges in the same just to prove a point.
This was while closing a two-day workshop attended by over 800 wedding organisers/overseers at the Lubiri. Mengo were certificates were awarded.

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