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Kataleya & Kandle: We support minister Opendi’s view on badly dressed musicians not performing in schools

by Editorial Team
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By Andrew Kwagala

The female singing duo of Kataleya and Kandle are not related as people may think. Theirs was a chance meeting which was to later unite them. The duo holds the distinction of being Uganda’s current all-female music duo since they emerged in 2021 and have since enjoyed a meteoric rise.

In an interview with The Kampala Sun, the duo whose real names are Hadijah Namakula (Kataleya) and Rebecca Nabatuusa (Kandle) say they met at Kataleya’s birthday party. It was then, through a conversation that they discovered their combined love for music and fashion that brought them together. Both envisage a very long career together.

Kataleya tried out at the hot steps dance competition and never really caught the eye of the judges. On the other hand, Kandle had carved a niche as a super-talented vocalist in her local church in Kitebi. But beyond hand claps from congregants, she had no idea of how to earn from her talent.

Kataleya and Kandle have denied dressing indecently. Photo By Andrew Kwagala

” When we heard that Ntinda-based Theron Music was recruiting musicians, we teamed up as a duo and went for auditions. We wouldn’t say it was really a mind-blowing performance, but from what we noticed the judges were impressed by how we gelled and complimented each other on set. That is how we got recruited,” Kataleya recalls.

They say it feels good to be under a Record Label because they find everything being done by the management and all they have to do is think of ways of improving their art. Today, their songs like  Muzibe Wa Love, Tonafuya and Do Me, continue to rock the airwaves.

The irony is just like many impressionable children their dreams were in the skies. Kataleya wanted to be a pilot and Kandle wanted to be an air hostess. It was their love and passion for music that united them.

They will not be cajoled to talk about their love life. When the question is posed, they both wink at each other and almost in unison reveal that they are too young to be involved in relationship. It appears it is a rehearsed answer their management told them to give. They will also not be cowed to talk about the men they fantasize about. ” Our love is only for music at the moment,”

A month ago they had pictures trending on social media as they were putting on body hugging outfit that revealed their Camel toes, social media was up in arms. Perhaps using selective amnesia, they reveal that they don’t remember dressing indecently.

” We wear appropriately and implore fellow musicians to dress decently. We heard the Minister (Hon. Sarah Opendi) complain about indecently dressed musicians and we support her. We urge musicians to dress appropriately, on trips to schools,” they say.

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