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Kassami promised me heaven on earth, gave me hell on earth – singer Maureen Kabasiita

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By Mariam Nakalema

Yesterday, in an interview with Bukedde TV, once fresh-faced singer Maureen Kabasiita revealed that her baby daddy, John Kassami, battered her last week, vandalised the car he bought her and took their child.

“I had gone to visit my child and wanted to go with my child, but my husband refused,” the inconsolable singer said.

Kabasiita reported an assault case at Entebbe Police Station, but she said she was not helped. She’s now seeking help to have her child back and for justice to be served. She also wants to be given back her car and house that was she says were taken by Kassami.

Efforts to get a comment from Kassami failed as his known numbers were switched off yesterday.

However, his self-proclaimed spokesperson, Balaam Barugahara, said Kassami was a good Christian and could not have lifted a finger to beat  Kabasiita. He dismissed her allegations of physical assault as baseless.

Balaam said Kassami lives alone, and not with Kabasiita. Therefore, he could not have assaulted her. On being further prodded on Kabasiita’s injuries, Balaam wondered whether she had just fallen down and injured herself. He pledged to cater for the costs of her treatment.

He advised Kabasiita to keep family matters out of the public eye, arguing that her child with Kassami would one day come across such information, which would affect the child’s well being.

By virtue of Kassami’s advanced age, Balaam appealed to the singer to show him respect. Kassami is 84 years old, while Kabasiita is in her late 30s.

Balaam further advised Kabasiita to seek the guidance of elders on family matters.

Kabasiita said she met Kassami eight years ago, before they became lovers.

“He was my captain and my boss by then in Fusion Band where I was. He promised me heaven on earth. We lived together for two years before we separated after developing misunderstandings,” she said.

Kabasiita narrating her story to Bukedde TV. Pictures by Mariam Nakalema

Kassami is the proprietor of Water Front Beach in Entebbe, where Fusion Band used to play.

“I loved him because he was my boss. I thought he would improve my life,” Kabasiita wept.  “I am in tears. I have no money. I am jobless now. I have nothing to do.”

Kassami is something of an enigma. Not much is known of him. He leads a reclusive life in Entebbe. Finding his picture is like finding a needle in a stack of hay.

Kabasiita was one of the contestants on Season Three of Tusker Project Fame, a music talent search show, in 2009. She used to do karaoke at Sabrina’s Pub. After she met Kassami, she became the director of his Fusion Band that used to perform at Water Front Beach in Entebbe. Another notable member of the band was Iryn Namubiru.

She was rumoured to be dating Kassami. It is said that once Iryn came into the picture, Kabasiita became a thing of the past. Kabasiita was later said to have set her sights on a Ghanaian pastor. It turns out he was married when his wife appeared and told her to back off her man.

Kabasiita back in the day

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