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Kapa Cat leads on online crush

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

Ugandan female rapper Kapa Cat(real name Catherine Tumusiime) has been stunned by an internet user, who asked her for a date on Women’s Day.

Known as Amos Lovinz, the internet user who expressed his affection towards her asked her for a date and promised that he would do whatever it takes to make her happy.

“Simanyi kyikyi but something tells me that this gal has a sweet soul inside, she could look like a gangstar, a bad gal naye munda muli I have that crush on her. I feel she is a sweet soul,” Lovinz wrote.

“I love your energy, I like everything about your freestyle. Happy Women’s day. I want to take you on a date. If you are available, please let me know(tugende ku date),” he added.

In an interview, Kapa responded to Lovinz, asking him to be more elaborate and serious about it. She hinted that if he is good-looking and has cash, he should show that he is serious so that she makes a better decision.

“I am going to look at him. Amos, are you good-looking or do you have money? Talk about yourself in a better way so that I make a better decision. The good thing is that I am a very good cook, so…,” Kapa Cat said.

Making some research about Amos Lovinz, he is an upcoming musician with songs such as; Awo, Kirimanyi, finally, ndi kuddobo, and several others. Based on that research, Lovinz could be eying a romantic stunt like Nina and Andre.

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