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Kanye West suspended from Instagram for 24 hours

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Kanye West has reportedly been suspended from Instagram for 24 hours starting yesterday (March 16), and should have access to his account again sometime later today.

A spokesperson for Meta (formerly known as Facebook) confirmed the suspension to E! News, saying the account @kanyewest had been suspended for violating policies on hate speech, bullying, and harassment. This means that Kanye will not be able to post on his gird or stories, comment on other peoples photos, or send DMs. TMZ was the first to report on the news, and a Meta spokesperson told them that they’ll take additional steps if further violations happen.

While the spokesperson didn’t confirm which of Kanye’s posts violated Instagram’s rules against harassment, hate speech, and bullying, he shared multiple grid posts yesterday about Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian, Trevor Noah, Dave Sirus, and D.L. Hughley.

Kanye hasn’t responded to the Instagram ban (he still has access to Twitter, though the most recent tweet on his account is from 2020), which comes amid a source saying that “If Kanye doesn’t stop, [Kim] knows she will be forced to take more drastic measures. She just doesn’t want anything bad to happen.”

This source also noted that Kanye “told his lawyer he wants a more formal custody agreement with Kim. The two currently have nothing in place, but Kim has the kids, and Kanye is allowed to see them whenever he wants, within reason. Kanye feels he’s not been getting enough time with his children and if his lawyer can’t work something out with Kim will go to court.”

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