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Kanungu FM releases statement defending station manager

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By Alfred Byenkya

The management of Kanungu FM 91.5 has released a formal statement on the fight between their station manager and the cashier.

According to the statement, the station manager, Nelson Twinamasiko, has no case to answer because he was defending himself from Anita Tumuramye, who works as the cashier for the station.

“The station manager didn’t beat the cashier. He was defending himself by bringing her down in a fight which took place at their offices on Thursday 26th, January, 2023,” the statement read.

In the statement, the new station manager Twinamasiko introduced tough reforms that didn’t please Tumuramye and other staff.

The new reforms included following included proper book accounting and clear financial spending, which angered Tumuramye and others.

The statement reveals that the cause of the fight was when Twinamasiko refused to give Tumuramye commission because she had not put her requisition in writing.

On the evening of January 26, 2023, at about 8:00pm, Tumuramye (cashier) came to the office of Twinamasiko and demanded to be paid her commission after one of their clients had paid the station for a service done.

The manager told Tumuramye he was going to host a two-hour talk show and asked her to be patient until the talk show is done, but she refused and said she wanted her commission immediately without even signing anywhere.

When the manager refused Tumuramye demands, she waited for him when he was coming out of the talk show and confronted him by grabbing his collar and injuring him in the face, hence resulting into bleeding as seen in the recorded video

“As careful examination of the video shows that there was nothing like beating of the woman,” the statement revealed.

The video recording was done by one Ayebare Henry aka Randy using a smartphone, but the statement reveals the part where the lady confronted and inured the man were left out.

The statement ends by revealing that the two workers have been suspended from the station as investigations are going on about their differences.

“The management of the station doesn’t condone acts of indiscipline and misbehaviour. We honestly apologise to the public for this incident,” the statement added.

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