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Kabaka’s birthday run 2022 postponed

by Editorial Team
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By Dickson Kulumba
BUGANDA Kingdom has put on hold the Birthday Celebrations of its King Ronald Muwenda Muwenda Mutebi II until he returns from Europe where he went official duties including getting medical check-up from specialists.
The Kingdom Prime minister Charles Peter Mayiga informed the nation about the development and stated that by the fact that Kabaka is not yet in the country,the celebrations can not take place.
Kabaka Mutebi II was born on April 13,1955 at Mulago Hospital,Kampala and this year’s celebrations were to be held in Mengo Palace tomorrow April 13,2022.
“We shall hold these celebrations immediately after Kabaka returning home. We shall orgarnise thoroughly and later inform the Public the exact date when the function will be held,” explained Mayiga
It’s now three years since the Kabaka Birthday Run is not held on the last week prior to the celebrations. This year Mayiga said the run which is organized under the theme “Men to take the Lead in the fight against HIV/AIDS to save the young Girl” did not take place since the Birthday kits reached late in the country and currently there are in the hands of Uganda Revenue Authority.
Both the Birthday run and the Birthday celebrations will be rescheduled on appropriate dates.
On March 29,2022 Kabaka Mutebi II flew out the country to Europe on what Mayiga said was official duties in Netherlands, Germany and UK.

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