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Juliana Kanyomozi Akiiki, girl from Toro

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun Writer

Juliana Kanyomozi Akiiki. Girl from the west. The one who ages like fine wine. Toro’s gem. You are stuff of Ekyooto Ha Mpango. Talented as ever. Resilient as ever.  Stylish as ever.

Who remembers Juliana’s trademark corkscrew hairstyle? While the rest of the womenfolk in Uganda were contending with tough Nana and Ponytail braids, Juliana, at the peak of her fame, used to fly in a woman from West Africa to do her hair. Short hair, long hair, she works it all.

Juliana of the curves! Even if she were to wear a sack, she would still look good.

Akiiki, you have gone through so much. From some man-child trying to tarnish your image in 2013 (but who ‘grew’ some men?), failed relationships with professional boxer Kassim Ouma and your baby daddy, Amon Lukwago, to losing your only child in 2014. Boojo, you faced immense pressure from people to have another child (can you people get out of women’s wombs?). Ruhanga heard your prayers, for last year, you had your baby, Taj.

We celebrate you on the auspicious occasion of your 41st birthday, our songstress. Even if your fans didn’t erect a billboard of you this year, just know we, at The Kampala Sun, remember you and are impatiently waiting for the day you will introduce your baby daddy to us.

Happy birthday, the people’s pop princess!

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