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Judges Advise Miss And Mr. Bukedde contestants to mind about their physical appearances

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

The Miss and Mr. Mukedde contest is still going on, aired on Bukedde TV every Saturday at 8:30pm. Last Sunday’s episode had about 30 contestants, but only about six went through to the next round.

Several contestants failed to make it due to their physical appearance and the background they used in their videos. Some of them were dirty and others were indecently dressed. Judges Annet Nandujja and Bbosa Sserunkuma did not mince their words.

“See how you are looking! You are not exciting at all. You look miserable. I give you a no for that…,” Judge Nandujja told one contestant.

Judge Bbosa advised all contestants to work on their dress code and their appearance in order to appease the panel.
“To all those that are taking part in this contest, please work on your appearance, put on your good clothes. Do not put on badly because you are singing Kadongo kamu. Prepare yourself well, have a good background and set your sound well…,” Judge Bbosa advised.

Judges also warned contestants against using TikTok and background music in their videos. This is considered cheating. A number of contestants were disqualified on this account.

Judge Fifi Da Queen praised several contestants, but Judge Nandujja cut them off. Some of the funny comments from judges were;

Judge Nandujja: “Nkuwadde No yo ogende webakireko.” Meaning, “I have given you your no on which you will have your sleep.”

Judge Fifi: “Ozira kyonkoba”, meaning “there is nothing you are telling me.”

Judge Bbosa: “Ojja kuwangula mu mpaka endala,” meaning, “you will win in other competitions not this one.

Some of those who went through are Ashraf, a rapper who sang Bobi Wine’s song, Muliisa who sang Winnie Nwagi’s “Kano kozze”, Sarah sang An Known’s Radio Call.9 and others.

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