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John Blaq is a big disappointment – Bushington

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By Ahmad Muto

Talent manager, entertainment critic and music producer George Kagoda, alias Bushington, has revealed that one of his biggest disappointments is singer John Blaq. According to him, he rooted hard for him, availing all the exposure and the opportunities that come with it. Bushington said he got the singer airtime on MTV Base as one of the most promising talents set to dominate the African music scene, but he has since failed to live up to his full potential.
“I told John Blaq I was very disappointed in him because I had so much hope. We went with him to South Africa for the MTV 20 Stars To Watch, they did a 30-minute program on him. He should be somewhere different,” said Bushington.
He also mentioned Ykee Benda saying he got him the opportunity to be a part of the World Cup anthem with American singer Jason Derulo, not because he was the best, but because he saw potential in him.
Benda recorded Colours with Derulo in 2018 ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. However, days to the opening ceremony, he was still roaming the streets of Kampala. It later emerged that Derulo was dropped from the performers’ list.
Bushington noted that what has kept the local artistes from progressing is how low the bar was set from the start. A house and family like Bobi Wine’s is all they aim for and not filling up stadiums outside Uganda.

Bushington said the above while appearing on a local television station on Monday, September 13, 2021.

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