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Jilted socialite withdraws case against Reverend Father

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer

Masaka City socialite, Prossy Nakayiza has issued a groveling apology to Rev.Fr Tom Bakulumpagi weeks after she threatened to expose him for using and dumping her.

Weeks ago, Nakayiza came out and exposed the UK-based Ugandan born priest for calling off their secret affair and throwing her out of their ‘matrimonial’ home.

Nakayiza came to the public after she was summoned to Court where she found her priest lover denying to have ever been an item.

Nakayiza disclosed that Bakulumpagi made her quit marriage and rented her a house. He later started neglecting her over a misunderstanding and dragged her to court claiming she was just his helper. She maintained that they were  lovers.

Nakayiza added that for the years they have been dating, she did not know that Bakulumpagi was a priest noting that in a year he always had three holidays and during his holiday’s they would spend quality time in Uganda while together.

In a twist of events, she has instead apologized.  In a letter filed at the Masaka Court, she says she went ‘overboard with some insinuations’ and both have agreed to withdraw family affairs from the media.



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