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Jazmine, Ykee Benda’s ‘Banange’ video trashed

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto
On Monday, 12 July 2021, singer Ykee Benda and Lydia Jazmine premiered their much-anticipated video Banange that quickly took social media by storm. One scene was particularly notable – where the singers are seen to lock lips with ease making their fans wonder if indeed it was their first time.
However, there are fans that were left utterly disappointed by the video, especially after the photos released over a week ago that left them guessing. They argued that the audio is much better and also the photos raised their expectation for the real product, only to fail to measure up.
Also they noted that it has very repetitive lyrics with the sound of ‘banange’ every after half second and that Ykee Benda doing everything inhouse killed his creativity.
Shakib StarKenzo: “The audio is nice according to this generation’s music. The video doesn’t match with the promotional pictures we got at first. It’s like any other local video, I mean like those of Mariam Ndagire. That wouldn’t matter but the scriptwriter didn’t follow up with what he started with. You can’t be a mechanic going to your function using a boda boda and again you reach with such things they reached with….as if they’re from a rich family yet they came with a boda boda.”
Kabuye Fatia: “Watched it like 20 times naye sinajitegera mpulira kimu #Banage.”
Divine Favour: “Woyagala bulikimu okyekolera ebyo byofuna: Vixen – Dre Cali, singer – himself and his friend, audio – Mpaka records, Video – Mpaka films kekatogo kolaba amazima ekifananyi byanyuma okusinga video.”
Mwebaza Charlotte: “Poor videography. Just wish they had used someone like Sasha Vybz. It looks vintage with modern actions in it.”
Milly Phillipnova: “Walai nze nga byanemye okutegera the video doesn’t match with the song actually mpulira kimu Bananage banange banange.”

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