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Jay Z reveals why he included Fela Kuti’s record in Netflix film

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By Ahmad Muto
Multi award-winning American rapper and businessman Jay Z proved over the years that he is a fan of Fela Kuti’s music and activism. He has continued the celebrate the Afrobeat icon.
Jay Z has paid tribute to him by including his record, Let us Start off the album Live from 1971 in the soundtrack of the new Netflix movie The Harder They Fall and the trailer. The purpose of the soundtrack is to highlight black music from across the world.
According to the Jay Z, Fela’s music represented black people and using the record is a way of showing how art influences life and life influences culture.
Jay Z partly sponsored and produced the classic musical, Fela! that premiered on Broadway in November 2009 and ran until January 2011.
He also added Fela’s protest record, Zombie to his playlist about social injustices in the US in 2016.
The harder they fall, released on Friday, October 22, has Idris Elba, Regina King and other Hollywood greats among the cast. An outlaw gets his gang together ready to exact revenge on his enemy leaving prison.

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