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Janzi Band set for concert

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By Reagan Ssempijja

Janzi Band will host music lovers to a live musical concert dubbed Janzi Band Rendition, this Sunday, December 4, at Motiv Warehouse in Industrial area, Kampala

After a year-long stretch of relentless gigs in and around Kampala, the nine-man band deemed it timely to hold a concert of their own. With a December events calendar that is unusually not busy yet, one would fathom that the band will have quite a pool of revellers to fish from.

Since its inception in August, 2009, Janzi Band, whose name was curated from the Janzi musical instrument by group leader Sewa Sewa, is known for its distinctive hybrid musical repertoire, which merges significant covers of various genres, and an original ethno-pop discography.

Quite more interestingly for their forthcoming concert, Janzi Band will share the stage with other crowd pulling artistes, including Jose Chameleone, comedians Madrat and Chiko, DJ Lito and almost forgotten vocalist Jamal Wasswa.

According to organisers, Talent Africa and Motiv, the Janzi Rendition will also recognise and award brands and individuals that have positively contributed to the Ugandan music and arts industry.

World cup fanatics will also be treated to an outdoor lounge with giant screens and headphones for full commentary.

The concert will have revellers dig out of their pockets sh50,000 for ordinary tickets, sh100,000 for VIP tickets, and sh2.5m for a VVIP table to 10. 

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