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James Onen explains why Ugandan men marry foreigners

by Editorial Team
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By Ahmad Muto

Media personality James Onen, alias Fatboy, reacted to reports that Pastor Aloysious Bugingo’s fiancée, Susan Makula’s alleged ex-boyfriend, Derrick Ainomugisha is set to marry his mzungu girlfriend called Amy soon. It has been reported that wedding meetings have already started.

According to Fatboy, men here have resorted to taking non-Ugandan women to the altar because they (Uganda women) have turned relationships into transactions.

Via his Facebook, he reacted to the story about Ainomugisha and Amy’s wedding news saying: “Ugandan men are being snatched by outsiders because the women here are too money minded.”

Fatboy is now 46 years old, has no wife and never married. He has no child and speaks about it with pride. According to him, he will consider having a child at some point, but marriage is something he does not look forward to getting into.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, October 20, he said during his Fatboy show that he lost his virginity at 23 because a girl kept provoking him. He added that sex is overrated and if it was not for that girl, he would still be a virgin today.

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