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James Onen advises women against dating new business owners

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By Ahmad Muto

Media personality and online radio RX Radio boss James Onen popularly known as Fatboy has tipped women to desist from dating men that have just started running new businesses because they normally get consumed by the operations of the business.  

However, he noted that those with the patience to put up with a relationship not characterised by dates, vacations, calls get to reap the rewards together with the man.

“Ladies, never date a man running a new business unless you are patient. You will rarely see him or hear from him. Unless you are a patient woman, you will be frustrated. If you are patient, you will eventually reap the rewards together,” he said.

Fatboy was employed by Sanyu FM for 21 years where he hosted the morning show, Sanyu Breakfast on weekdays and Alive and Kicking on Saturday mornings. However, his tenure ended unceremoniously in mid-2020 after it was alleged he incited a sit-down strike where with his colleagues, they demanded a pay rise.

Two months later, he announced he had started a new radio station that he initially named Reckless Radio, but on advice of the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) changed to RX Radio to get a broadcasting licence. So, his advice to women against dating new business owners is from experience and firsthand.

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