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Jada Pinkett angers Will Smith’s fans after revealing bedroom matters

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By Ahmad Muto
Actress Jada Pinkett Smith has angered fans of her actor husband Will Smith after she revealed their private bedroom matters on her Red Table Talk show. She revealed that they have a very uncomfortable relationship in the bedroom and added that they talk a lot about their journey together. According to her, they talk about it a lot given they started young at the age of 22 years old. Jada therefore expects Smith to know her intimacy needs and read her mind at times.
Will Smith’s die-hard fans did not like any of what Jada said and therefore called her out for revealing too much while some asked her to just leave the marriage already.
Marlene Brown: “Who really believes she and Tupac had a plutonic friendship after all of these revelations?”
Crystal Williams: “She must not love him no more. She keeps making their marriage look bad and sad. Not everything has to be said on the public eye. She needs to respect her marriage.”
Kandice Dennis: “I think she hates that man. She is doing everything she can to destroy, embarrass and humiliate him. Girl just leave if you are that unhappy! And keep the public out of it. Smh.”
Last month, Will Smith revealed that it was not only his wife who had extramarital affairs. He said they had a monogamous relationship, but later gave each other freedom adding that the trust they have on is the proof of true love.
Smith, 53 and Jada, 50 have been married for 22 years, but in 2020, she revealed she had an entanglement with singer August Alsina during their brief separation.

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