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Jackie Chandiru scoffs at rumours of Alaka reunion

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By Alex Balimwikungu

The whirlwind romance between city lawyer Caleb Alaka and singer Jackie Chandiru once gripped the city.  That was five years ago.  However, even great lovers sometimes need a holiday.

As the on-off celebrity couple called it off with the city lawyer crawling back to his wife, Linda Namuli.

Word on the grapevine now is that Chandiru wants her ex back.

Nairobi-based Chandiru denies she wants to crawl back to her ex(Photo: file)

According to an online entertainment news portal, the Nairobi based singer wants to rekindle the romance.  It is a claim she vehemently denies.  She took to Instagram to vent.

“I’m very disappointed you can post such nonsense and even have the audacity!! I always had respect for you but I surely whoever is paying you is paying you enough. This is the old journalism. But clearly you have no problem!!!” Jackie Chandiru bitterly trashed the entertainment blog.

During the height of Chandiru and Alaka’s affair, the jilted woman Namuli, a mother of three, revealed the turmoil the “gold digger” singer subjected her to.

She was totally devastated by her former lover’s actions and after years of deep intimacy; she could not believe how Alaka could suddenly abandon her so cruelly and take her three children from her to put them under Jackie Chandiru’s care.

Caleb Alaka and Linda Namuli during their introduction ceremony (Photo: file)

Her first suspicions came to fruition when she learnt that Chandiru was driving their family car (Land Cruiser). She then chanced on the very Chandiru inspecting the painting of a house, which Namuli supervised during construction.

In a tone of resignation, Namuli said: “I pray that God grants Chandiru the man of her dreams. One day she will realize the follies of breaking what some people have worked hard to put together. Only time will tell.”



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