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It wasn’t pressure, Shakib wanted to marry me last year – Zari

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By Ahmad Muto

South Africa based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has taken a jab at her critics claiming she married her boyfriend, Shakib Lutaaya out of pressure.

Via social media she shared a series of rants days after photos of a possible nikah ceremony started making rounds on the internet.

“Everything is in place. It’s not because of pressure. Just because someone else got married in another East African country no more people are going to get married?” she inquired.

She added that it was not a hush ceremony like her critics are trying to paint it but rather one they started planning for last year when he asked for her hand while on a visit to South Africa. And within two days, he was set, with a sheikh ready to for their Islamic marriage ceremony(nikkah). That they just love to pick on her because she is busy with her life.

“Shakib did not just wake up and decide to marry me out of pressure just because someone in another country got married. It is not a competition. Was I the first person to get married,” she inquired again. They got married in South Africa.

On Shakib’s Instagram, he shared a video of the ceremony with the caption: “Happy is a man who finds a true friend congz the Lutaayas.”

However, Zari who is known for documenting her life on social media has not posted any on her Instagram or Snapchat except stories that expire after a day. There are multiple photos and videos she keeps sharing.

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