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It wasn’t me- Dr. Hamza Ssebunya shuts down cheating allegations 

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By Alex Balimwikungu

Dr. Hamza Ssebunya did not hold back as he addressed rumours that he cheated on wife Rema Namakula with a mystery woman.

On Tuesday, singer Rema Namakula and her gynecologist husband Dr. Hamza Ssebunya were all over social media pages with allegations that he was inspecting other women’s anatomy for pleasure. 

To give credence to their story, photos of a seemingly cozy Hamza and the mystery woman were shared.  They were shown cavorting in the lifts before a seemingly smitten Hamza planted a peck on her nape.

Rema has remained silent during her husband’s cheating allegations. Internet Photo

In response to the public’s speculation that he was unfaithful, Dr. Hamza, who was attending a close friend’s birthday party, got the lady to record an audio where she sets the record straight and absolves him of any culpability.

All this happened as Rema remained eerily quiet as she went about her business on social media oblivious of the snide remarks from the social media in-laws.

The Kampala Sun has accessed an audio in which the lady in question cries out after her reputation has been soiled. She says that Dr. Hamza, a close friend to her fiancée is only guilty of attending the party at Divine Resort.

She blames haters for using photoshop to create undue scenes which are damaging.  Below is her voice note

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