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It is never too late to fall in love – Phina Mugerwa

by Editorial Team
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By Alex Balimwikungu

The singer last time Phina Mugerwa Masanyalaze flaunted her love in public, it was over 15 years ago.  She had caught the eye of an athletic man, almost her age. He was South African-based Ken Muyiisa, who spent on her like an oafish billionaire.

When Phina realised Ken was two-timing her with singer Cindy Sanyu, she called off the relationship and released a song titled, Mufere (fake).

Over the past few years, Phina has acted like she’s had little time to find a match of her own. 

However, on Thursday, June 1, a photo of Phina Mugerwa introducing her zungu hubby did rounds.  It was at her parents’ home and she was flanked by actress Mariam Ndagire and veteran dancer Annet Nandujja.

The Kampala Sun has learnt that a highly-concealed kukyala, that was open to a few invited close friends and family, happened recently.

Whereas Phina’s introduction has elicited divergent reactions among internet users, with some questioning why she held an introduction, after the death of her ‘son’, a one Frank Kalumba, we have since learnt that the event was already in the pipeline.

While responding to trolls, Phina Mugerwa, 39, insisted that it is never too late to fall in love.  She insists she has met the “right partner” in her man, whose name she is keeping close to her chest.

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