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Isma Olaxxes attacks Hellen Lukoma

by Editorial Team
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By Joan Murungi

On Sunday, Hellen Lukoma happened to be one of the musicians that entertained revelers at this year’s Purple Party, which was held at Aero beach in Entebbe. She entertained revealers with one of her latest songs entitled Bintu bya Daddy.

However, people like blogger Isma Olaxxes were disgusted with the kind of stage performance and character she exhibited on stage while performing the song.

This comes after the Nja Kufumba’s singer picture dressed in a Patra, seated on the floor spreading her legs wide went viral on social media. He branded this immoral and disrespectful to the fans.

“A person who has two kids no right to show her underwear in public. When you become a mother, even the type of knickers you put on have to change. You can’t give birth to two kids and continue putting on a G string. It is impossible. I did biology and I know what am talking about.”

“How do you widen your legs on stage and let all the young boys eye what is in-between your legs. That is what am condemning. You are singing Bintu bya daddy and you’re widening your legs in public!!” Olaxxes revealed.

Speaking to the Kampala Sun, the self-styled critic told the Kampala Sun that he will continue bringing to order all those that do things that degrade the lime light.

“Iam not scared on any one. What am talking about is the truth. She can sue me. That is when she will know that I have the best lawyers in Uganda.  

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