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Isma Olaxess the cool guy behind the camera

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

On Saturday May 6, Ugandans were shocked by news about the demise of popular blogger Isma who was shot in Kyanja as he headed back home.

According to people who have been close to him, he was a very friendly man that joked about everything and loved to maintain friendships once one became a close friend.

Even some of those he had he had stung with his tongue in his videos, admit that he would make amends off camera and let things get back to normal.

Gabriel Buule, a journalist revealed through a tweet that Ichuli was an open minded man who would disclose to his trusted friends his motives.

“He was a sane human being off the camera and he would confess to whoever he trusted that sometimes he would say things to earn a living. He liked learning and he would ask questions, I recall the day he rang me early in the morning to ask the meaning of copyright. Rest well Iculi,” Buule tweeted.

Media personality Tina Fierce, revealed that she shared so many good times with Ichuli before the two fell out.

“Off camera he was a cool ninja.. we shared way too many laughs b4 he got caught up in the fame nd spotlight.We fell out because of his chase for the like and follow but regardless he was a cool ninja,” Fierce tweeted.

“People that did not know him off the camera did not know the real him. He was a very cool guy off the camera and if one judges him by what he used to speak on camera, then they could be wrong,” Bebe Cool said in a interview.

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