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Isma Olaxess was a fountain of knowledge, Gashumba

by Editorial Team
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By Hussein Kiganda

While Ugandans continue to mourn fallen blogger Isma Olaxes who was shot on May 6, 2023, in Kyaja, many have hailed him for having broad knowledge about also every topic, most especially in Entertainment, Politics, sports, and fashion.

While delivering their speeches at the blogger’s send off in Nkokonjeru, several celebrities referred to him as a wise person who would make research on several topics and make correct analyses.

“He was the biggest blogger in Uganda. None has ever been like him. He used to speak about almost all topics. He had information about sports, politics, and entertainment,” Frank Gashumba said.

“He was very informed and sometimes he had facts. He was so bold and always spoke out his mind without fear,” Bushington said in an interview with Bukedde TV.

During his analyses, the blogger would talk about so many topics that one would wonder how broad his knowledge was. He however soiled his arguments with a litany of expletives if you never agreed with his view point.

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