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Islam changed me for the better – Geosteady

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By Hussein Kiganda
When singer Geosteady (George Williams Kigozi ) converted to Islam to become Hassan Kigozi, many questioned his bolt out of the blue move. Then smarting from a failed relationship, word on the grapevine was that he wanted revenge on his ex, Primah kardash by marrying four women at once.

The act, which is permissible in Islam, as long as one has the means is however not the reason he changed faith. He reckons he needed a spiritual cleanser, and true to form has found it in some qur’anic verses.
Unlike Jose Chameleone(Joseph Mayanja), who converted to Islam and later rescinded, Geosteady reveals he is growing in the Islam faith. The “owooma” crooner is not going anywhere. He is even happy that he has been revived spiritually and financially. 
During an interview, Geosteady revealed that he doesn’t regret converting to Islam because he is counting blessings instead.
“I do not regret converting to Islam. Since I converted and went to Mecca, I feel changed spiritually and financially. I have got true friends and groups that show me the right direction and I am too grateful for it. I no longer have dreads because they stress me to pray with them and I no longer take alcohol…,” he said.
In recent times, the singer has been involved in an online battle with his baby mama, over the custody and caretaking of their children. In April 2022, the two seem to have resolved their differences. He revealed that although the public thinks he hates Mr. Henrie(who took his baby mama) and Kardash, he has no bad blood for them.
“I am simply happy for her that she is happily married. I do not hate Henrie. We were friends at first and when things fell apart, we stopped talking…,” he said. 
He is known for his songs owooma, am ready, same way, tokendeeza, wakyuka, nemala, and several more.

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