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Is Selecta Jeff the DJ Khaled of Uganda?

by Editorial Team
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By Kampala Sun writer

To answer this question, we need to start with identifying what it is that makes DJ Khaled who he is. Originally, he was a DJ and beat-maker. As he developed his career in the industry, he came in contact with more and more big names.

In doing so, he gained access to this world of top-level artists. As time went on, he started to leverage these connections and produce songs for some of these big names. Over time, he refined his formula and developed a reputation as a #1 hit-maker. 

Now, let’s take a look at Selecta Jeff. His trajectory was similar, starting out as a DJ, then moving into production as well. Selecta’s prominence as a top-tier DJ in the Kampala entertainment scene put him in contact with all the biggest names like Bebe Cool, Daddy Andre, and Sheebah.

Selekta Jeff on set in their new video “Party O’clock| where she features Sheebah. Courtesy photo

His talent and charisma was undeniable. These artists knew that if he was putting together a project, it was sure to be fire! Last year’s “Boyfire,” his collab with Sheebah, is a perfect example of his success as a producer.

Like DJ Khaled, he knows the right sound for the right artist, and he knows just how to make it happen. He gets just the right beat-maker, songwriter, and singers and engineers to achieve perfection. Artists know this, so just like DJ Khaled, if Selecta calls up Sheebah and John Blaq and says “Yo I’m cooking up a new project – you want in?” they’re response is guaranteed to be “Yeah!”

Such is the case with his latest single, “Party O’clock” ft. Sheebah, Tarley, and John Blaq.  Selecta wanted a club banging, dancehall-infused, party anthem with a modern international vibe. He got BIT in the studio to start working on a beat. Then he brought in Tarley (2019 MTN Hip-Hop Award winner) to start writing.

Tarley’s talent is not only in rapping and singing, but he writes hooks that drip out the speakers. Tarley heard the beat and quickly laid down the infectious chorus for “Party O’clock.”

Sheebah on the cover of Party O’clock. Courtesy Photo

It was a remarkable moment in the studio because everyone knew at that point that a hit song was being born. Selecta called up Sheebah and then John Blaq, playing a demo for both of them. Days later, they were in the studio putting down their verses. 

The song was well on its way. Next, Selecta got the tracks to Herbert Skillz for mixing and mastering. This final step is crucial, as it will determine just how hard the track will hit when we’re in the club. With acclaimed success on the Billboard Charts, Selecta can count on Herbert Skills to deliver every time, and sure enough, he did it again. The final product here, is a masterful collaboration of many talents, all brought together by UG’s DJ Khaled, Selecta Jeff!

The video, below a brilliant and vibrant display, is definitely worth checking out too

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