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Is Bebe Cool being choked by Chobe Safari Lodge bills?

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By Ahmad Muto

Singer Bebe Cool in the company of his wife unlocked a celebration of the singer’s birthday, after turning 44 on Wednesday, September 1, 2021. They embarked on a celebration that has seen them head to Murchison falls National park, with the five star Chobe Safari Lodge as their place of abode. The first celebration was online where his wife, Zuena Kirema thanked him for fulfilling all his promises.
On Day 2, Thursday, September 2, 2021, he travelled with his wife and some friends to Chobe Safari Lodge and shared a photo of him donning a pair of black shorts holding his wife, draped in a maroon dress overlooking the water surrounding the lodge against the backdrop of a cloudy sky. 
He captioned it: “Day 2 of my birthday treat with my wife @zuenakirema5 and few friends.”
On Day three, Friday, September 3, 2021 however, something must have triggered the self-proclaimed ‘King of the jungle’, like threatening his wallet. He went into a rant that he uncharacteristically dressed as a suggestion asking government through the ministry of tourism to avail Ugandans affordable accommodation. 
“Day 3 Murchison Falls National Park birthday treat. Government/Ministry of Tourism should quickly and specifically make plans to avail affordable accommodation for Ugandans if it is to hit the tourism target. The high-end accommodation is ok for those who can afford it,” wrote Bebe Cool. 
He added: “But plans must be put in place to gazette land for affordable accommodation within the parks which will then increase local tourism interest. Tourism cannot flourish if the locals are not regarded as the first priority stakeholders.”

Saturday, September 4, 2021 he posted: “Day 4 birthday treat at Murchison falls/Chobe begins with a swim. Life is meaningful if you enjoy it when you still can. Covid-19 has taught me a lesson, be happy with your family and friends.”
Bebe Cool’s concern came shortly after hotel operators were asked not to charge local tourists in dollars to promote domestic tourism. The call was made by the Chief Executive Officer of tour and travel company, Breathtaking Uganda, Isaiah Rwanyekiro at the Uganda Media Centre, Kampala last week while flagging off 30 Ugandans heading to Murchison Falls as domestic tourists. 
The Ministry of Tourism permanent secretary, Doreen Katusiime noted that before the Covid-19 pandemic, Uganda earned $1.6b from tourism industry making 20% of Uganda’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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