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Iryn Namubiru’s rift with mother deepens

by Editorial Team
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By Paul Waiswa

The rift between singer Iryn Namubiru and her biological mother, Justine Nyanzi Namawejje, is not about to end.

Latest information indicates that the tension between the two has escalated. Their ire stems from a land wrangle

The land causing chaos sits on eight acres. Details available indicate that it belonged to Godfrey Nyanzi (Namubiru’s grandfather who died in 1998).

He is said to have verbally gifted the singer an acre off the land, something which her mother vehemently denies and is opposed to.

The bad blood between the two has seen them in court, with Namubiru claiming the past 25 years have been a nightmare, owing to the bickering between them.

It was so bad, Namubiru one time claimed that should any misfortune befall her, her mother would be the first suspect.

The latest spat was triggered by talk that she had caused the arrest of her mother, something she vehemently denied in detail.

Justine Nyanzi Namawejje

In her response, Namubiru posed rhetoric questions to her mother before granting a Vision-Group journalist an interview on her mother’s alleged detention.

“If she can tell you what I stole from her… If she can tell you who the father of my children is… If she can list the people I have killed… If she can tell you if I am a Muganda or Munyoro… If she is my mother… It is then that I will grant you an interview. If it turns out that I have to apologise after that, I will,” she said.

Iryn observes that most of the miserable, disgusting and false information about her on the internet starts with her very own mother, who she has not been in touch with for at least eight years due to her toxicity.

“I am tired of being threatened to be reported to social media, bloggers, gossip mongers, friends, and anybody I associate with… nobody has ridiculed me as much as my mother has, in the last 25 years,” she added.


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