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Interview: Singer Fyona Sparkle talks music, love

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She started out with Kream Production but things never really worked out. She then decided to go for it alone. It is a trick thay has worked. Her latest song To be loved is taking her places. The Kampala Sun caught up with her and shared abit of her life and music career.
Q: Who is Fyona Sparkle?

A: I am Phiona Byabazaire. A graduate with a degree in arts, drama and film. Contrary to popular belief, we musicians actually went to school.
Fyona is the funky version of my name Phiona. As for sparkle, it was so because when i hit studio many producers said there was a sparkle in my voice.Just like that, I ended with the Fyona sparkle the stage name.
Q: What is your musical background? here m

A. My mother was part of the church choir. I always attended with her and i thought to myself, if my mother cn sing well, so can i. I gave it a shot and here i am. I recall when my mother passed on, my biggest cheer leader was my mum’s sister, Sharon Nyanjura who believed in my singing potential. I never imagined i would sing secular music but she convinced me.
.She would bankroll me to go and participate at different music auditions and competitions. Today, I look at myself and say it was all because of her.

When was your first audio released?
My first ever song is called Ndikucuupa. It was released when i was in was in Kream production with Hajji Haruna Mubiru

Fyona Sparkle says her songs are inspired by personal experience

How was your first day experience in studio like?

Of course i was filled with anxiety. I had never been inside any recording studio. My auntie had given me sh600,000 so somehow i was convinced i would leave the studio with a hit song. The first person i contacted promised to fix an appointment with producer Paddy man. Long story short, he fleeced me of my money. I went back to square one. The day i finally entered a studio was a sweet feeling I was filled with determination. The rest are now hits.

Fyona Sparkle is transitioning from band music to soul music.

What music genre are you into?
Initially I did band music when I was still in Kream production. That was not the genre I was into. But that is what was there. But I am now into soul music.  I love RnB

Whay os the message behind your song To be loved?
I was feeling so down and low after a heartbreak. I have been single for so many years. As a human being one needs to be loved. I feel like I need someone to love again. I simply missed love.

You said you are rebranding. Why ?

True, i am transitioning from band music to soul music. It is something that makes my heart dance. Presently, i am not under any management. I am on the lookout for a professional manager.
Away from the music, what keeps you busy?

I am a performer by profession. But I am so passion for farming. So I am a seasoned farmer.

How do you deal with male admirers?

I simply show them my work plan and some just run away. I am so natural and frank. I don’t give false hope.
Parting shot?
I just thank all the Ugandan music fans. Keep supporting us. Give a chance to the upcoming talent.


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