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International filmmakers join ‘Kadaga’ series

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By Hussein Kiganda

Series Kadaga by Jinja-based film school KPM Entertainment could become a groundbreaking project for Uganda after several filmmakers from around the world jumped on it.

Kadaga is an action-adventure series that tells the story of Kadaga, a global movement of warriors fighting human trafficking.  Ka literally means something small, little, or young, and daga from okudaga, means struggling and crying out. It, therefore, means a group of young women warriors struggling to fight human trafficking.

The movie has attracted a martial arts grandmaster Jose Torres from the US and several other teams from the US, Saint Lucia, Kenya, Botswana and Jamaica, among others.

Among some of the international filmmakers that have already contacted KPM are Paula Omphile Moira Otukile from Botswana, Claudia Edward from the US, Richards Darchel from Jamaica, Neelo Lentebanye from Botswana, Marvriq Mavo from South Africa, Brenda Nameli Masika from Kenya, and several more.

Otukile and Lentebanye joined the series’ writing team, and the rest the actors’ team. Mac Lean Remy from Saint Lucia joined as a director of photography.

Paul Ssebata, the producer of the series, told The Kampala Sun that shooting is being done from other countries and the content will be merged and added to the series.

Shooting has already begun and most parts have been finalised. Some of the shooting is being done in St. Lucia by Remy and others are done here, so we shall just merge them,” Ssebata said.

“We are connecting the series to the Bartender series in Jamaica. It is streaming on a paid YouTube partner although Kadaga is not going on YouTube. We are emerging both series to move like avengers,” he added.

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