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Imbalu volunteers set for the Explore Elgon tourism fete

by Editorial Team
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By Titus Kakembo

To be elevated from a boy to a man, a son of the Masaba (Bagisu) has to undergo Imbalu (circumcised) traditionally. During the promotion of the Eastern Uganda Tourism Cluster, volunteers are being encouraged to brave the knife in public.

“It does not matter whether you are a Mugisu, Musoga, Munyankole or Lugbara,” said Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) tourism manager Steven Masaba.

“To qualify to be a thorough bred man, tough candidates rub salt on the wound to show the world how daring they are,” encouraged Masaba.

“Crying is prohibited or you risk your story and photos going viral on social media,” cautioned Masaba. “Dodgers of Imbalu have very few days to go as the year grinds to a halt. Spies are out there inspecting. If nabbed, it is done there and then to salvage the tribe from angering the gods.”

This during the launch of Explore Elgon venture by the Minister of State for Tourism Martin Magara who criticised citizens for spending fortunes on trips to London, Mombasa and South Africa leaving better attractions in their backyards.

“I know couples who fly abroad to propose marriage when they could do it at Murchison Falls National Park or in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest as  the famed mountain Gorillas stare at them.”

Magara says he is destined to Mbale leaving his ministerial title behind and wants to see the seductive Kadodi dancers spin their waists as if they have no skeletons in the pelvis.

“I want to sample Malewa, scale Mount Wanale, see the caves where early man dwelt and enjoy the night life,” confided Magara.

UWA busses are destined to take Dee Jays, musicians and stand-up comedians to grace the occasion along with their resident counterparts. Departure is December 20, 2023. The meeting point will be at the Uganda Museum. Stop overs at Namawojolo and Mabira Forest are compulsory for a bite of Nyama Choma and chicken.

Bottles of wine and Uganda Waragi are optional to make the trip memorable.

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