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I’m richer than you, Gravity taunts Navio

by Editorial Team
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By Paul Waiswa

The verbal and physical fights  between local entertainers mostly rappers is not yet over. They have composed demeaning and defamatory songs hitting back at one another. Even after the two years of the lockdown and ban on the sector, performers seem to have forgotten and learnt nothing as the visible signs indicates that they are ready to proceed from where they had ended.

Once again, there is a verbal war fueling on between local rappers Gravity Omutujju and Navio that was ignited by the former’s list of Big boys.

Yesterday, Navio spit fire while appearing in an interview with a local Television station alleging that he doesn’t want to be included in the “Embuzi Zakutude” hit Maker’s list of big boys because he is not just big but also wealthy.

Navio argued that Gravity shouldn’t have  included himself on the Big Boy’s list when he is still small. “He calls himself big but he is only big in Kampala. Outside Kampala for example in countries like Nigeria, No one knows him.” Navio said.

“I’m going to make a list of rich people where I won’t include him because he isn’t rich. I also will not include myself on that list because I’m not rich, I’m wealthy,” He added.

With the above posts and provocations, Omutujju has now responded to Navio’s insults saying that he is richer than him. “Navio cannot be richer than me,” Omutujju said during an interview with a local TV station today early morning

  Notably, the wrangles between these two artists started years back before the pandemic and seem to have retained back its original state.

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