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I’m in deep pain-Frank Gashumba lashes out at Sheila in leaked audio

by Editorial Team
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By Reagan Sempijja

In a rather deeply sad audio leaked on radio presenter Dikteta Mark’s Facebook page, on January 11, city businessman Frank Gashumba expresses concern and utter disappointment in her daughter – TV presenter Sheila Gashumba.

The 10-minute audio has a deep conversation between Gashumba and a one Diana about the number of barriers and huddles he has had to deal with in order to see his daughter become the most successful woman of her generation, only to be slapped with disappointment in the face.

“With her brand and image, I have always believed that Sheila can be a very successful woman, owning a line of cosmetics under her name, but how will she achieve all that if she unconsciously wastes all her money?” Gashumba asked Diana with deep concern

Gashumba goes on to express his disappointment about his daughter’s choice of men, especially the famous God’s Plan, whom he labeled a ragged, irresponsible man. He also reminded Diana of how broken he felt when Sheila got herself a tattoo of the same man on her skin.

Rickman Manrick and his lover Sheila Gashumba posing for a picture at the Abryanz style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs) red Carpet on Friday 16th December 2022. Photo by Ivan Kabuye.

“I’m in pain, Diana. I’m in pain.” said about his daughter.

About the money she makes from TV and bars, Gashumba revealed that for a long time, he has asked Sheila to present to him contracts and the amount of money she makes so that they can plan on how to invest that money, only to be lied to time and again.

After listening to the audio, one would then ask themselves why Gashumba keeps defending his daughter all the time. He, however, said in the audio that he believes that, as a parent, you have to defend your child in public at all costs and lash out at them in privacy.

However, Gashumba’s point of dismay from daughter stems from not getting the best out of her yet, despite taking the to the best schools there was, and exposing her to opportunities at an early age

“If I had not taken Sheila to very good schools like Galaxy International School where I was paying USD4000, Taibah and Kabojja International Schools, I would be guilty as charged for not preparing her very well. But I did my best for that child,” he said

As of now, social media is already doing what it does best – giving mixed reactions.
In her response about the audio Sheila Gashumba took to Twitter and said: “One fact is I do not talk about my family or my relationships no matter the situation. I do not need to explain myself to people because I know who I am. This is the first and last comment I’m giving about this audio going around. Goodnight perfect parents and children.”

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