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IGG Kamya to declare wealth to Speaker Among

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By Edward Anyoli

Inspector General of Government (IGG) Beti Kamya is scheduled to meet with and declare her wealth to Speaker of Parliament Anita Among on Monday, March 6.

A source said as a leader, Kamya is supposed to declare her wealth as stipulated in the Leadership Code Act.

According to the information obtained, deputy IGGs Dr Patricia Achan Okiria and Anne Twinomugisha are also supposed to declare their wealth to the Speaker of Parliament.

The Leadership Code Act, as specified in the second schedule of Act, 2002 as amended, requires that all leaders to declare incomes, assets and liabilities to the Inspectorate of Government after every two years in the month of March.

According to declaration records, the previous declaration was done in March 2021. Next week all the members of the leadership tribunal are expected to declare their wealth to the IGG.


Failure to declare certain income assets or liabilities attracts a fine of sh4m,or demotion, caution, or dismissal from office. The late declaration attracts a fine of sh1.2m and after two months of not declaring the fine may increase to sh1.6m.

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