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IGG hunts for bricklayer over sh1.9b theft

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By Edward Anyoli and Michael Odeng

The Inspectorate of Government is still hunting for a Wakiso bricklayer over the theft of sh1.9b from the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA). 

IGG’s spokesperson Ali Munira said the inspectorate is looking for Richard Ssempagala over compensation for a piece of land located in a forest reserve.

 IGG said Ssempagala and his two accomplices, Muhammed Kamoga and Hussein Mugumya, claimed to UNRA that Plot 285 Block Grant 537 Busiro Forest Reserve, located in Nakigalala, Katale belongs to them and that were entitled to compensation to pave way for a road project.

 Ssempagala’s accomplices have since surrendered properties worth sh2.5b in addition to refunding sh2b to the Government.

 According to Munira, Ssempagala has not responded to IGG’s summon to answer charges in connection to the alleged compensation, adding that the inspectorate is still pursuing the case.

 Munira said the forfeited properties by Kamoga and Mugumya are located in Busega in Wakiso district at Plot 800, Block 20 and Nakitokolo Block 328 Plot 437.

 It is alleged that the trio fraudulently, without any claim of right, stole sh4b property of UNRA. The IGG said they committed the offences between 2011 and 2012.

 It had been alleged that Joseph Batume, in the course of his employment as a UNRA staff surveyor, issued instruction to survey government land that was gazetted as a forest reserve.

IGG said the instruction to Jacob Latuke Jolanam to survey numbers Z/2/1871 and MA/Z/5/4330 was wrong.

 It was purported that the instruction by Batume to survey the land was in connection to Plot 285 Block Grant 537 Busiro Forest Reserve arbitrary.

 According to IGG, basing on an instruction issued by Batume, UNRA paid compensation to Ssempagala, Kamoga and Mugumya. 

Batume has since been cleared by IGG.

IGG said the trio were not entitled to any compensation since the claimed land is a forest reserve.

 Last year, IGG Beti Kamya issued a notice asking for information leading to the arrest of Ssempagala to contact her office.

 “The Inspectorate of Government, therefore, appeals to whoever has information which may lead to his arrest and prosecution to pass it in confidence at the Inspectorate of Government offices located on Plot 14 Parliament Avenue, Jubilee Insurance Centre or ring telephone number 0414-342113,” she said at the time.

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