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I will not let my past consume me – Judith Heard

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By Ahmad Muto
City socialite Judith Heard started having meltdown episodes online after her racy photos leaked online last week. She alleged that her socials were hacked and the hacker was threatening to leak more of her NSFW photos and videos.
She has been preaching through her status on social media where among other things on Wednesday, September, 29, 2021 she posted: “When I die, I do not need anyone at my vigil or funeral service apart from my family and very close friends.”
Well, that aside, she noted that she has taken lessons from her past, and will not let it consume and stop her from achieving the ultimate best. “As long as you do not let your past consume you, destroy you, or confine you from achieving the best possible life for you in the now. Take lessons, learn from them and let go of the rest. Move on, and visit the past only for the good times and the wonderful memories not for the what ifs, the should of’s of could of’s.”
“We are not perfect, we commit mistakes, but what is important is that we learned from it. Our past plays a great role for what we have become now. But that does not mean it defines us, rather it is our heart,” she added.
The person who hacked Heard’s account identified himself as David The Hacker on Thursday, September 24 and threatened to share more of her explicit photos with the public. It is the second time they have hacked her Twitter account and shared those photos and videos.
Judith Heard was crowned Miss Elite Africa 2021-2022 in May in Cairo Egypt, beating 31 other contestants from across the continent – singers, models and socialites.

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