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I went to school so I understood my contract – Bruno K lashes back at Katatumba

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By Ahmad Muto

Last week, singer Angella Katatumba came out guns blazing at singer Bruno K following his woes with Black Market Records that she is also signed to. She claimed Bruno K signed a five-year contract with the label, but was out lamenting because he failed to understand it.

According to Bruno, he went to school and properly understood the contract he signed, contrary to the argument that he rushed to put pen to paper without paying attention to the fine print.

“I have been to school and still going through it. I have seen people on Facebook accusing me of signing things I do not know, but I know everything in my contract. I am not a riff ruff. I was not drunk because I do not drink alcohol. I was very sharp and sober. I know everything to its detail. He (Singleton) claimed I signed a five-year contract, but I was not doing bad so there is no way I could have signed a five-year contract. Right now he is trying to change, but I have my original copy,” he explained.

He also added that the contract he signed was based on the laws of San Francisco, USA and not Uganda.

“One of my managers, Ivan, also a sibling, got the contract, looked through it the whole night and noticed it is not interpreted in the Ugandan law, but the San Francisco law. Everything is based on the law of San Francisco. So Ivan called and consulted all the time. One of the terms was he (Singleton) had to do for me 10 audios and videos in a space of a year,” he added.

Bruno K and Cedric Singleton, the Black Market Records boss, fell out last week after the latter reported and had YouTube take down the former’s Nipe Love music video arguing that he (Bruno K) had no right to upload it. But the singer argued that he released the song in 2019, yet he signed to BMR in 2020 and therefore it was not factored into the contract. But Singleton released receipts of their conversation showing he contributed to the making of the video.

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