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I was not arrested in Dubai, Sheebah says

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By Ivan Kabuye

“I have a feeling that some of you are patiently waiting for bad things to happen to me, but God forbid that anything happens to me,” Sheebah said.

While addressing journalists at LaTerraza Rooftop in Kamwokya, Kisementi  in Kampala on October 11, the singer stated that she was not arrested in Dubai.

Sheebah emphasised that it was security that was giving her protection and escorting her back to the airport.

Based on a viral video that circulated on social media, it seemed as though Sheebah was being arrested by security personnel.

In the video, she is seen being whisked away at terrible speed into a waiting car as her fans look on helplessly.

The video left many of her fans in panic mode as they could not figure out why this was happening. Rumours then began spreading, indicating that she had been arrested over her indecent dressing.

However, Sheebah admitted that it was not usual for security guards to act in such a manner, hence it looked as if she was being arrested.

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