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I was misquoted on Danz Kumapeesa death, Olaxess cries

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By Ranell Dickson Nsereko

Isma Olaxess aka Jaja Ichuli who is also the president Uganda Bloggers Association has come out in a statement to deny that he said he was part of the gang that killed producer Danz Kumapeesa.

There has been a trending video on social media where Isma is heard bragging about he killed Danz Kumapeesa and being dead he can’t say anything. The video re-surfaced and circulated after he was arrested on charges of offensive communication and criminal libel.

In a statement  sma says the video was edited and removed some statements. He says he said he didn’t kill Danz Kumapeesa contrary to what’s trending in the video.

Isma says he didn’t know Danz in person and by the time he was killed Isma was still in Sweden and urges anyone who has a whole video to produce it.

Isma says it’s some media stations that are trying to spread this propaganda to tarnish his name because of the good work the Uganda bloggers association he heads doing well and taking on advertisers that previously advertised with these media houses.

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