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I was disturbed by tabloids saying I was beautiful but unlucky- Flavia

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By Ahmad Muto

According to media personality Flavia Tumusiime, neither getting married nor having children were ever part of her bucket list, and therefore never looked forward to experiencing any. She was happy relishing her accomplishments but then suddenly realised a change had to be effected. Among the triggers was the fact that tabloids always mocked her by including her name among the high-achieving women in Kampala that were not married.

And also, as much she was celebrated and listened to by many people, some always prayed she found a man. And after achieving everything she wants, she thought about the purpose it would serve if she didn’t have children.

“For sure, I was happy. I was just enjoying my money. But it was the children part that changed first. At some point I was like why am I working? I realised at some point I will need to give a child a life, a good life. I knew quality things like good education,” she said while speaking to media personality Faridah Nakazibwe on Friday, September 29.  

“Then later in my late 20s, because I was inspiring young girls and they were liking my content, there would always be that problem, in your perfectness, we pray one day you get a man. I thought I was enough. I started to question if something was wrong,” she added.

At this point she had not yet factored in a man to make her plans complete. Then tabloids went on a rampage taunting her marital status at every turn, forcing her to subject herself to pressure to get married.

“The public would be like ‘Top 20 celebrities without men’, Flavia Tumusiime. I was like how do you tell me a man was the only thing of value. I asked God for a friend, not someone’s money, but just a friend. I had been friends with Andrew (Kabuura) for so long,” said Flavia

Flavia and Kabuura got married in 2019, and have since been blessed with three boys.

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