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I want to marry this year- comedian Sesa Bat

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By Joan Murungi

Tonda Nasser, famously known as Sesa Bat is an online comedian that earned fame through his hilarious comedy skits. He has always expressed his love for Zari Hassan through his comedy skits but unfortunately, the two never got a chance to even date.

Meanwhile, his skits have always excited Zari and this is something that has strengthened their friendship. Zari Hassan has always been Sesa bat’s dream woman but now, this has changed.

“Zari was my dream woman but now, she is no longer in the picture because her lineup is a long one. Imagine you go to heaven and God says that whoever dated Zari should lineup behind her. Hooo. That line has go up to China. “Sesa Bat said

However, Sesa Bat would love his dream woman to be like Zari. He prays that the Lord leads him the right way in choosing a bride for himself since he wants to marry this year.

“Please God, help me find the girl I want to marry this year.”

While speaking to the Kampala Sun, Tonda revealed that people are so funny when it comes to relationships now days. They easily move on so fast.

The couple does well today and the following day, they are no longer together.

“People are so materialistic. They are fade up and tired. I need someone genuine and honest. Someone with a sense of humor. I love talented people. Even though you have a talent in eating and sleeping. That is okay.

Sesabat is also disappointed that this generation has more sad love stories.

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